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We are the Ukrainian Marriage Agency "Russian Women"

We are the Ukrainian Marriage Agency "Russian Women" that is aiming to build a bridge of love between single men and women for dating, love and building a family. If you desire, you can place a free add or use our search engine to help find that special person.

Our fast, reliable and high quality dating service will enable you to find that special someone for dating, romantic adventures or starting the perfect family you have always dreamed of.

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Within our marriage agency, you'll find a community of singles who are using our site as a way to make connections with our lovely women for dating, romance, friendship, and anything else your heart may desire. Your profile will be sent to our partner sites along with your photos so that you will have the best opportunities to find that special someone.

The personal data that you submit will be available to all of our ladies. This will include all of your contact information, e-mail, phone number, home address, telephone number and anything else you wish to add about yourself. No other site offers the type of care that we give to each of our clients in their search for the woman of their dreams.

Also you may try polyamorous relationships with 2 or more women. If you are interested - go to one of the best poly dating site (by and find perfect ladies for you there.

What is polyamory

Polyamory is a romantic relationship with an unlimited number of participants. Its trick is that everyone knows about each other, while not protesting, not making scenes of jealousy. And most importantly, the relationship is built on the principle of mutual respect, mutual assistance and freedom of choice.

Polyamory is often confused with polygamy. The latter is the ability to have several sexual partners at the same time, but at the same time not to build serious relationships with them. Polyamory, on the other hand, implies a full-fledged relationship that can even be platonic.

Polyamory doesn't deny traditional marriage. Husband and wife can be involved in a polyamorous relationship. True, other people who enter into such a relationship will have to come to terms with their "less legitimate" role: so far, polyandry and polygamy are not allowed in our country.

Who is polyamory suitable for?

The answer is extremely simple: people who have weighed all the pros and cons and decided that this model of relationship attracts them the most. Relationships exist in order to be happy in them. If you are happy in this relationship, why not?

A relationship where there are more than two partners is serious and sometimes hard work: you need to listen to and support several people at once, find time for each and try not to deprive anyone of your attention. And this is much more difficult than it might seem at first glance.

Polyamory is not a panacea for monogamous relationship problems. If you cannot establish communication with one partner, the presence of several partners is unlikely to fix everything. This is also worth keeping in mind before entering a polyamorous relationship. Polyamory may seem like an ideal model of relationships, because it is confused with the same polygamy or is not aware of the full responsibility. Having several partners is not only several times more pleasure, great communication and sex, but also the willingness to pay much more of your attention. The desire to receive as much as possible and give as little as possible is not only not about polyamory, it is not about healthy relationships at all.

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